Embracing the Instant: A Programmer’s Ode to Instant Coffee

[Warning: obligatory blogger’s coffee post]
brown coffee powder on silver spoon
Photo by Peter on Pexels.com

In the rushed days of DevOps deadlines and coding tasks, finding the perfect cup of coffee quickly becomes more than just a morning ritual — it becomes a necessity. As a programmer constantly balancing focus and time constraints, the quest for convenience without sacrificing quality led me to an unexpected solution: instant coffee.

Gone are the days of meticulously brewing a Chemex or wrestling with the grounds of a messy French press during busy workdays. Instead, I found solace in the simplicity of Nescafe instant coffee. But it wasn’t just about the convenience; there was something deeper, something unexpected, in those brown crystals that dissolved effortlessly in hot water.

It began as an odd habit formed during the early days of the pandemic, where paradoxically with more free time I wanted to spend less of it brewing coffee. But as I delved deeper into the sensory experience, I made a surprising discovery: the subtle notes of sesame. Yes, you read that right — sesame. It’s a flavor profile that transcends the typical expectations of instant coffee, offering a creamy texture, rich body reminiscent of a Japanese kitchen.

raw sesame seeds
Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.com

And let’s not forget the rush. With just half a teaspoon, Nescafe jumpstarts my day like no other coffee can. There’s no need for additives or extra steps; just add hot water, and within moments, you’re greeted with a frothy layer comparable to crema—only lighter, airier, and decidedly more satisfying.

person taking instant coffee jar
Photo by Erik Mclean on Pexels.com

Now, I know what you might be thinking: instant coffee has a bad reputation. But I’ve tried my fair share of brews, from Turkish to Third wave, Starbucks to Vietnamese. And while I still enjoy the ritual of brewing a Chemex or French press on lazy weekends or during moments when I can savor the process, there is something special about that quick, sesame taste that I crave.

In a world where personal blogs often feature obligatory coffee posts complete with latte art and matcha cappuccinos, consider this my unconventional take — a tribute to the unsung hero of my morning routine.

So here’s to embracing the instant, to finding joy in unexpected places, and to the instant coffee that surprised me in the best possible way.