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Welcome to bad at computer, where you’ll find the musings and work of a somewhat obscure software developer and systems analyst. This place is all about me trying to make the world cooler and more fun by throwing in some good technical vibes.

  • Embracing the Instant: A Programmer’s Ode to Instant Coffee

    [Warning: obligatory blogger’s coffee post] In the rushed days of DevOps deadlines and coding tasks, finding the perfect cup of coffee quickly becomes more than just a morning ritual — it becomes a necessity. As a programmer constantly balancing focus and time constraints, the quest for convenience without sacrificing quality led me to an unexpected…

  • 5 Advantages of Reading E-Books on a Kobo Reader

    I’ve always been a casual reader, but some years ago I was gifted the Kobo Clara HD e-reader, which has made a big impact on my reading habits. While a good old fashioned paperback can never be beat, reading on the Kobo is great for a bunch of reasons. Read in the Dark Have you…

  • How I Installed Bluetooth in my Car Stereo

    [This article was written Sept. 5, 2023. If you are working on a similar project, leave a comment.] There are a ton of videos and guides about how to retrofit your old car stereo to get Bluetooth streaming, but I’ve decided to share my own experiences with this, since my situation is a little bit…

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