Explore my personal projects and interests.

2023 | Microcycle

A web application for Canadian retailers and wholesalers to make sense of environmental regulations. Built using ASP.NET Core Blazor and PostgreSQL, styled with MudBlazor, and hosted in Azure.

2023 | Rehoboth House of Pizza

I undertook the task of revamping the online presence for Rehoboth House of Pizza, a beloved local restaurant in Massachusetts. I aimed to keep this site simple and user-friendly while infusing a contemporary design. Using GoDaddy for both creation and hosting, this project served as an end-to-end learning experience where I delved into the details of web hosting, domain management, registrants, and ICANN regulations.

In the months immediately following the site’s launch, RHOP’s website traffic increased 4X along with a corresponding surge in sales. This project underscores the importance of a well-designed, modern online presence towards the success of a small business.

White and Black Temi robot with tablet screen.

2023 | Temi Robot Bluetooth App

This college project involved building Bluetooth communication between a gamepad (SN30 Pro) and a Temi robot using the Temi SDK. Our team developed an Android app in Kotlin using Android Studio to scan for and connect to nearby Bluetooth devices.

Our objective was to enable Temi to navigate and interact with the gamepad’s input. While we achieved basic functionality like navigating Temi’s default menu, we couldn’t pair devices needing a code, nor were we able to automate data gathering within our project timeline. Despite these limitations, we documented our progress for future cohorts to expand upon. This was a self-contained project without manufacturer support or prior experience with Android or Temi – in other words, it was a black-box software engineering project.

My teammate walks through the finished prototype.

2023 | DataDocket

As part of a four-person team for a college project, I built up a prototype site for a local client. We used the Python Django framework alongside Azure Blob Storage and PostgreSQL.

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