Lessons Learned While Launching the Turtle Robot Project

Last night I was full of creative energy (thanks to a delicious chocolate milkshake) and decided to finally start assembling the Robot Turtle. This is a kit manufactured by keyestudio that I got on loan from my college for the summer.

Before I could get started, though, I had to clear a space, because I needed to lay out all the parts and accessories.
Before I could clear a space, I had to put away my tools in the basement.
Before I could put away my tools, I had to finish building my tool bench to hold the tools!

You can see how starting a project sometimes seems like a Malcom in the Middle joke.

Well, instead of getting on with the project, I actually crossed like 5 time consuming things off my to-do list and still got the dishes done. Lesson here – don’t rush into a project late in the evening without a plan.